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About Unsaid

Unsaid is a small production and communications company based in the UK.

This is a page that shows some of the visual storytelling we have done for clients.


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Video helps bridge gulfs between people. To see and hear someone brings the viewer closer to understanding their world. We work with videographers with local knowledge, who care deeply for the communities and the people they film.

We bring together a small and dedicated team of trusted creatives for each project, giving you – and those whose stories you’re telling – confidence to speak openly and safely.

Below are examples from work with some of our past and present clients.

filmed in romania and kosovo


Inclusive education – Save the Children and the IKEA Foundation

Many children are excluded from education because they have a disability or belong to an ethnic minority. For seven years, Save the Children, with the support of the IKEA Foundation, has focused on nine countries around the world, to show that this can change. Meet Rilind, 10, from Kosovo and Corina, 9, from Romania.

These videos were filmed in Romania and Kosovo, with support from teams from Save the Children Romania and Kosovo as well as staff from Save the Children Sweden.

part of a series of videos showcasing 25 years of partnership


IKEA and Save the Children working together in emergencies

Save the Children and IKEA have worked together for 25 years. Quick support in emergencies has been one of the key aspects of the partnership. Children are the most vulnerable when disasters strike. And help is needed quickly, to save lives and make life better for survivors. IKEA Foundation has supported Save the Children with immediately available funding in over 30 emergencies.

filmed in mindanao, the philippines


Quick access to funding and skilled humanitarian workers save lives in emergencies

When disasters strike, humanitarian organisations need quick access to funding, so they can start saving lives. They also need skilled humanitarian workers. Since 2013, the IKEA Foundation has supported Save the Children with funding that can be immediately available. Meet children and staff affected by the recent conflict in Marawi, in the Philippines.

These videos were filmed in Mindanao, the Philippines in 2018 and contain additional archive footage from Save the Children.

filmed in berlin, germany


Homeless youth in Berlin during the COVID-19 pandemic

An estimated 37,000 children and young people in Germany are homeless. They live and sleep on the street, with friends, or in emergency shelters. Many of them in Berlin. COVID-19 further exacerbated the risks they faced on the streets. During the pandemic Save the Children and the KARUNA Social Cooperative joined forces for an emergency response project.

This video was filmed in Berlin for Save the Children Germany. We meet volunteers and staff that saw how the pandemic affected homeless young people. The video is in German with English subtitles.