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K2 Corporate Mobility

Original commercial photography for a new bespoke relocation service, shot in the UK.



When K2 Corporate Mobility launched their new service K2 Bespoke, they asked Unsaid to provide original photography for the web site and brand. We worked with K2’s management team and creative agency Gibson to develop ideas and briefs. We managed location scouting, permits, project planning and model selection. We worked with assistant photographers, model agencies and retouchers. Mats photographed on location around the UK, with a small team to support him.

It’s personal

K2 Bespoke is a service for companies relocating employees in business-critical or executive positions. A relocation at this level comes with a number of challenges and the stakes are often high. These relocations are as unique as the individuals moving from one country to the next.

photographing at the legendary brooklands racetrack.


The visual expression

With the photography, we set out to show unique individuals – business professionals in a more personal setting enjoying their passions, their private moments of connection, contemplation, or joy.

original photography from around the uk.


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