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Animation for UNICEF and ARNEC

Animation and video editing.


We were contacted by ARNEC, the Asia-Pacific Regional Network for Early Childhood, to produce an animated video for the Sharm El-Sheikh Climate Change Conference, COP27, in November 2022.

The video focused on the impact of climate change on young children, and on the positive impact of high quality and well financed early childhood development programmes in countering this.

A second edition of the video was produced for UNICEF, focusing on early childhood development and climate change in a Pacific context. This video was shown at the 2023 Pacific Early Childhood Development Forum, involving representatives from 15 Pacific nations.

unicef edition and original arnec version of the animation.


Katy Jackson made the drawn animations, and Mats worked on the text animations. Lyra Beins-Stewart was the Singaporean voiceover. The Fijian voiceover was recorded by Voquent.

Most vulnerable and most valuable — young children and climate change

ARNEC, UNICEF and Save the Children have been working since 2019 on an initiative that highlights the link between early childhood development and climate change mitigation and adaptation. In short, childhood development is key to addressing climate change.

Children are the most vulnerable group when it comes to climate change, but they are also the most valuable. High-quality early childhood development programmes support children’s potential to build healthy, well-educated, socially and emotionally competent, peaceful and resilient communities – throughout their lives.

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